Office Plants

Office Plant Displays Rent or Buy

Live & Realistic Artificial Plants & Trees - Rent or Buy

If your looking to buy or rent office plants in Birmingham (our central base)  or anywhere throughout the UK,  let us help you to create an indoor landscaping scheme that you can proudly declare is under your care.  

Whether you are looking for large office trees or small desktop plants, we design a scheme that makes the most impact for your budget.  At Ascend, our designers take time to fully understand your needs, creating stylish live and realistic artificial plant displays that integrate beautifully into your workplace.   

Do you already have office plants from another company?   Not only can we provide you with superior plant displays but we can also save you money.  

Rent or Buy Plant Displays With Aftercare

With us you get a winning blend of great prices, display impact and uncompromising aftercare.   Whether you need to purchase or rent office plants in Birmingham or throughout the UK, contact us for a free personalised quotation.



Remarkable benefits of having office plants and trees …

Our stunning office tree and plant displays plants make your workplace a more vibrant environment to work in.  Office plants not only make your workplace space beautiful, they make it a healthier too.

Health benefits include absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and filtering out chemical pollutants from synthetic products in your workspace.

FACT:  Did you know research has proven that plants filter and improve air quality leading to an improvement in staff performance of between 10% to 15%, that’s just one of the benefits. 


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