Frequently Asked Questions

Simply get in touch, either by phone, email, or Contact Us to arrange a free, no obligation on-site consultation. During this visit we will design a scheme that not complements your existing décor but also fits your budget and makes the biggest impact on your space. If you are an international client or your UK site isn’t ready we can work from site plans, or just some photos of the space.

Yes we do from our base in the West Midlands we provide products and support to clients across the UK.

We provide a huge range of both live and replica plant displays, suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations
Plants of all sizes and types from huge trees to small desk top displays.
Moss panels and signage.
External green walls using replica plants
Exterior planting using live or replica plants. 

Yes, we can send our products all over the world – for deliveries outside the UK an additional delivery charge will apply, discounts are available for large international orders.

Yes we can, we can source a huge range of planters which can be matched to a company’s brand colours using RAL or BS Colours. Please note any customised product cannot be returned.

We have a team of fully trained installation technicians, enabling us to carry out our own deliveries and installations for complete plant displays. For orders that do not contain live plants we also use courier companies. For more information visit out delivery and returns section.   Click for delivery & returns information

Dependant on the product and whether or not it is customised, we aim to source produce and delivery your planting scheme within 2-6 weeks. A lot of the time it may be much quicker. We always do our best to strive for the swiftest possible turnaround to suit your requirements.

Ascend has been looking after our customers plants since 2009. Our technicians will visit will visit your premises on a regular basis to carry out any ongoing maintenance required to keep your plants healthy. This includes watering, feeding, pruning, pest control, top dressing, and general care as well as the replacement of any plants that fall below standard.

It’s really simple – you choose the package that suits you best…

Rent Plant Displays with our full aftercare package

Easy and effortless, our most popular package – let our designers create and install stylish plant displays for you, which we will then maintain on a regular basis to keep them looking flawless.  If you choose to hire office plants, hotel plants or indeed plant displays for any commercial busines, this plant rental package includes our maintenance package which includes our free plant replacement guarantee to make sure your displays look pristine without any further costs.  This is our most popular package as its totally hassle free with just one regular rental charge.

Buy Plant Displays with our aftercare package

If you choose to purchase your beautiful plant displays, let us do the hard work in keeping your investment pristine.  This package includes our maintenance and free plant replacement guarantee if the plants fall below standard, ensuring your displays look pristine without any further costs.

Buy Plant Displays without any aftercare

Do you just want to purchase the plants and then look after them yourself?  No problem: let our designers create and install your live plant displays, and provide additional guidance on how to best look after your investment.  Any problems you can always call us for plant maintenance advice.

Moss walls and pictures are made from preserved moss so they require little to no ongoing maintenance. It’s important that people do no repeatedly touch, lean on or brush against your moss wall or picture as this will cause damage.

Office Plant displays in the workplace not only make your office beautiful, they make them healthier places to be in. The health benefits of live office plants include absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and filtering out chemical pollutants from the numerous man-made products in your office.
Did you know research has proven that plants filter and improve air quality leading to an improvement in staff performance levels of between 10% to 15% – that’s just one benefit of having real office plant displays. Office Plant Benefits