Retail Showroom Plant Displays

Bank  Shops Showrooms: Stylish Live and Replica Plant Displays

Enjoy beautiful plant displays and create a pleasurable environment for staff and customers. Working in natural harmony with your business space, we create inspiring plant displays that are carefully designed to suit your corporate style, space and budget.

From stunning solo specimen plant displays in contemporary units, plants displays in budget containers, to stylish planters with built in ashtrays outside, the passion that goes into our beautiful plant and floral arrangements clearly shows, allowing you to fully realise the visual potential of the area under your charge.

Remember, we never just water the plant displays and leave the building: a defining characteristic of Ascend is our dependability and attention to detail when it comes to looking after our sites. Whether you choose live plant or artificial plants displays, you can look forward to experiencing a winning blend of great prices, plant display impact and uncompromising aftercare with Ascend.

If you do not find what you’re  looking for contact us, we have an extensive range which is always being updated.

Whether you are in need of a firm quotation, some budget figures for work under consideration, or just some friendly informed input, don’t hesitate to give us a call. With us, you can effortlessly enjoy a winning blend of great prices, display impact and uncompromising aftercare.