Rent or Buy Plant Displays With Aftercare


Rent Plant Displays + Full Aftercare Package

Our our most popular corporate package.  Let our designers create stylish plant displays for you, which we will maintain on a regular basis to keep your displays looking flawless.  This plant display rental package includes our free plant replacement guarantee to make sure your displays look pristine without any further costs.


Buy Plant Displays + Full Aftercare Package

If you choose to purchase your beautiful plant displays, let us do the hard work in keeping your investment pristine.  This package includes our maintenance and free plant replacement guarantee if the plants fall below standard.  We can help you to make sure your displays look pristine once your displays have been purchased.


Buy Plant Displays – No Aftercare Package

Do you just want to purchase the plants and then look after them yourself?  No problem: let our designers create and install your live or artificial plant displays, and provide additional guidance on how to best look after your investment.  Any problems you can always call us for plant maintenance advice.


Whether you are in need of a firm quotation, some budget figures for work under consideration, or just some friendly input, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  With us, you can effortlessly enjoy a winning blend of great prices, display impact and uncompromising aftercare.