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As a Building or Facility Manager, you are probably always exploring ways to improve and enhance the corporate space that is your responsibility!   We provide office plants and greenery in Birmingham (our central base) and throughout the UK.  Let us help you to create an environment that you can proudly declare is under your care.

Fact:  92% of all new clients moving from other companies have found that since moving to us we have provided cost savings averaging 10%.

Furthermore, our designers take the time to fully understand your needs, creating stylish office plants  that are thoughtfully integrated into your space, whilst remaining on time and and most importantly within your client’s budget.  Whether you choose to rent or  buy your office plants and greenery we have the perfect products for you.

Rent or Buy Plant Displays With Aftercare

From beautiful high end or  budget plant displays to stylish planters with built in ashtrays outside, fully realise the visual potential of the area under your charge.

Whether you are in need of a firm quotation, some budget figures for work under consideration, or just some friendly informed input, don’t hesitate to give us a call. With us, you can effortlessly enjoy a winning blend of great prices, display impact and uncompromising aftercare for you and you’re clients.